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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mike Plume Band - This is Our Home

I am always excited to discover another talented Canadian. A few days ago we were watching CMT when this wonderful video of a clearly Canadian themed song called This is Our Home came on. I just had to find out more about the song and the band. The song is on The Mike Plume Band 8:30 Newfoundland album released earlier this year. It is a wonderful tribute to Canada!

The Mike Plume Band formed in the mid 1990's performing into 2003. Mike took a break from his music moving back to Canada from Nashville. In 2006 he returned to Nashville, reunited with the old band members and began performing again.

This Is Our Home lyrics
Album: 8:30 Newfoundland: 2009
written by: Mike Plume, Jason McCoy (Road Hammer)

From the rollin fields of wheat to the busy city streets
There's a feelin and a spirit all our own
True North, strong and free, stand on guard you and me
From the East to the West we've roamed
This is our home

From Norman Wells at the top all the way to the Rock
There's a wind that always blown
From down Summerside to the Queen Charlotte Islands
There's a way of life we've always known
This is our home, this is our home

I've seen the Northern Lights dancin over Yellowknife
While standing in the middle of a field
From Pier 21 all the way to Flynn Flon
You gotta cross that Canadian Shield
And no one knows winter like we know winter
Blowin in off Lake Ontario
From the Ottawa Canal to ?????
There a little place I love in the Gatinaux
With a covered bridge and a swimming hole
Yeaaah, this is our home, this is our home

Yeah, from Portage in Maine, to Yonge and Queen
And every street corner in this world
No matter where you go in this rugged land
There's on thing we all understand
Every woman, child and man
8:30 Newfoundland
(8:30 Newfoundland)
8:30 Newfoundland

Way up in Peace Country and down East in Kings County
And clear across to Thunder Bay, where Winnipeg is like forever
And hope feels like never, let alone out near Campbell River way
And when you cross the boarder and you see a Caribou on the corner
Then and only then will you be home

I've driven from the Peg to the Chuck and Yankees call us Canucks
But together well never stand alone, yeah, together well never stand alone
Yeah, forever the Maple Leaf will be flown
'Cause this is our home (this is our home)
Yeaaah, this is our home (this is our home)
This is our home (this is our home)
Man, this is our home

Tar Sands and Fort Mac, Redwood Strands and Kitimatt
(This is our home) and down in the Shuswaps too
I've seen many nights feel like high noon from the dawn of Saskatoon
There's Confederation Bridge and Butternut Ridge (this is our home)
Sudbury in the Sioux, Ive lived in the Lakeland
I've been to the Badlands, head smashed in Buffalo Jump too
I've been snowed in for days on the Trans Canada Highway
And that was in the month of June and this is our home


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