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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Joannie Rochette Wins Bronze

Joannie Rochette won Bronze! Her performance was outstanding, well beyond expected given that her mother passed away just after arriving in Vancouver to watch Joannie compete. Despite this Joannie with her father watching on went on to win a Bronze medal. Well done Joannie!

To watch her perfomance click here

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Joannie, her family and community go through this difficult time.


  1. Hi,

    i never heard of Joannie Rochette, only after Alyssa Milano recommended her yesterday in one of her Follow Friday tweets in <a href="http://twitter.com/alyssa_milano>Twitter</a>.

    One of the best stories to talk about from these "deadly" Olympics!

  2. She's the only reason why I watch the Olympics. Her performance is so dramatic and full of emotions.
    Btw, I'm a Canadian Blogger, I mean,I'm not a Canadian (yet) but I'm here in Canada, in Windsor,Ontario. I would appreciate it if you can add my blogs. I author the following.
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    Thank you. :)