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Americans should never underestimate the constant pressure on Canada which the mere presence of the United States has produced. We're different people from you and we're different people because of you. Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is effected by every twitch and grunt. It should not therefore be expected that this kind of nation, this Canada, should project itself as a mirror image of the United States.
- Pierre Trudeau

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RMR: War of 1812

A standing commentary you will get from any Canadian when talking about Americans is their lack of knowledge of The Great White North. We are their closest neighbours and seriously they seem to know nothing about us, while even our school children can tell you fact about Americans. Where this lack of knowledge bordering of shear ignorance is most apparent is in border towns. Believe it or not some Americans actually think they will be stepping into a huge wilderness void filled with nothing but snow, igloos and polar bears as soon as they cross the border. Having lived near the border most of my life I could tell you so many stories! Here is a cute video clip with Rick Mercer pointing out one such example of the American lack of knowledge about us. Enjoy!


  1. halcockburn@gmail.comMarch 24, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    WHO WON THE WAR OF 1812?
    American History Professor Donald Hickey states in his new book (Don’t Give up the Ship: Myths of the War of 1812): Who Won the War? "there are actually five groups of participants that must be considered: The biggest winner was Canada; then came Great Britain; and then the Indians living in Canada. The biggest losers were the Indians living in the United States [98% of them were exterminated by the end of the19th Century]; after them came the United States itself, which ... for the first time in its history lost a war.”

    When the War of 1812 started America's leaders thought an invasion of Canada would be "a mere matter of marching," as Thomas Jefferson confidently predicted. How could a nation of 8 million fail to subdue a struggling colony of 300,000? Yet, when the campaign year of 1812 ended, the only Americans left on Canadian soil were prisoners of war. Three American armies had been forced to surrender, and the Canadians were in control of all of Michigan Territory and much of Indiana and Ohio.

    After two more years of War and another seven invasion attempts, none of Canada was occupied by American Forces and Canadian/British/Native forces occupied large chunks of land within the U.S..

    By the end of the War U.S. trade had been strangled to practically nothing, the economy was grinding to a halt, the US Navy was blockaded in port, the US Army faced increasingly hostile odds on land, and the nation's capital city lay in ashes. ... And the issue over which America had gone to war -- the impressment of seamen -- was tactfully ignored in the peace treaty and the captured American territory returned. Too soon, the construction of reassuring myths in the immediate aftermath helped transform a futile and humiliating adventure that aimed to conquer Canada into one of defending the republic.

    These facts can all be found in books by Pierre Berton (2001), Donald Graves (1999), Jon Latimer (2007), James Elliott (2009) and Donald Hickey (2008).

    Yours respectfully, 
    Harold Cockburn

  2. Hi Harold and thanks for visiting. What a wonderful addition to this post and thanks so much for taking the time to share this. I really appreciate it!