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- Pierre Trudeau

Friday, April 16, 2010

Canadians Did Not Fair Better in The Recession

Yesterday I posted on the report from Stats Canada that indicates Canada faired the recession better than other countries.  True the country as a whole may have faired better through this recession but many Canadians did not.  If anything the gap between the rich and poor in Canada widened during the recession.  For many in Canada food insecurity and hunger have increased as a direct result of the recession, job loss and rising food costs.  A report by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities indicates that poverty is now stalking our nations largest cities including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.  Smaller communities are losing their industry and youth as well as seeing their downtown areas die.  Across Canada the cost of living continues to rise as tax greedy politicians continue to raise taxes.

Recently Nova Scotia raised their HST from 13% to 15%.  A 2% tax grab does not sound like a lot of money but to Canadians who do not have the money that is a huge amount.  The HST has been been announce for both British Columbia and Ontario.  The HST will combine the current PST and GST into one tax.  In ON this means an additional 8% tax on home heating fuel, electricity, gasoline, and food all of which are necessities of life.  In addition to that Hydro One also run by the ON government who already is charging those in ON with the repayment of debt incurred by the old Ontario Hydro has announced an increase in delivery charges of about $4 per household that when combined with the HST, the average household will see an increase of $15 per month.  On April 15, Hydro One announced a further rate increase that will see the average household paying an additional $350 per year.  Those on fixed incomes are already struggling to just be able to pay their utility bills and some do have to make a choice between electricity or food yet Laua Formusa, president and CEO of Hydro One had a salary of $977 000 for 2009 and in 2008 more than 10 000 Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation employees made the sunshine list.  Of course these high paid employees are not going to be affected by any kind of hydro rate increase.  Hydro One can gloss over the increase as being needed for the 'greening' but the reality is the rate increases are going to pay these outrageous salaries!

In the meantime both the federal and provincial governments continue on their greedy tax grabs taking money from those who have no more to give.  They are kicking those Canadians already down from the recession who are stuggling just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  These are the very same Canadians who pay the politicians salaries.  It is time for all Canadians to say no! We've had enough and no low and middle income Canadians did not fair better in the recession.  The only Canadians fairing better in the recession were those in the upper class!


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