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- Pierre Trudeau

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Canadian Companies Outsourcing

A few days ago I had the wonderful experience of speaking with HydroOne the electricity provider for the province of Ontario. Being eco-friendly we decided to sign up for their peaksaver® program.  Now after dealing with Bell and the numerous Bell representatives that obviously have never been to Canada and their first language is anything but Canadian nothing surprises me.  So I jump through all of HydroOne's bells and whistles to finally get to talk to a live person.  All was going smoothly until the representative asked me to confirm my zip code!  Hello?  We have postal codes in Canada not zip codes!  So obviously HydroOne is also outsourcing as well.  What happened to hiring Canadians?  What is it with these companies that get the tax benefits of being in Canada with their wages paid through the Canadian tax payers (HydroOne is government owned) that there is no loyalty to Canada and Canadians?  In essence in this case the Ontario government is outsourcing paying non-Canadians for doing a job that many unemployed Canadians would do if given a chance.  Shame on you HydroOne and Dalton McGuinty! 

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  1. I did tech support for a cable company based in Florida. It runs both ways. We were supposed to never admit we were located in Canada, outside of Florida. It was funny when people decided I had an accent. The majority guessed Canadian but some guessed I was Australian, English or even German.