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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lawsuit to Challenge the Constitutionality of "This Dangerous Police-State Law"

In Saturday's  post, Ontario Government Quietly Give Police Greater Power, I wrote about the Ontario government declaring the G20 security zone a public work under the Public Works Protection Act (1939).  The temporary designation is in force from June 21 to June 28.  I like others question the constitutionality of this temporary designation that essentially turned turned the G20 security zone and surround Toronto area into a police state, denying Canadians their constitutional rights.  This just opened the doors for one or more potential lawsuits.  While it was expected that a lawsuit would be filed I was surprised at how quickly the potential for a lawsuit came.

Dave Vasey, aged 31, was arrested under the new regulation on Thursday (June 24, 2010).  He was stopped by police near the security fence of the G20 security zone.  He failed to produce identification when asked under the new regulation.  He was detained for five hours and charged with refusing a request of a peace officer.  Vasey faces upto 2 months imprisonment or a $500 fine.

Vasey has announced that he is filing a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of "this dangerous police-state law."  He said "I intend to ask the courts to uphold our civil rights," the following evening at Allen Gardens in Toronto, the site of a tent city set up by protesters.  Vasey's lawyer, Howard Morton told the Toronto Star that law "clearly violates" the section of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing freedom of assembly and the freedom of communication.  Vasey said he obtained legal advice regarding the kind of protest allowed under Canadian law and believes he was acting legally at all times.


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