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- Pierre Trudeau

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Television Tax in Canada

The G8/G20 Summits and  HST in Ontario and British Columbia has overshadowed the issue of the television tax.  According to the Toronto Star March 22, 2010 article the CRTC was still to rule on the tv tax dispute.  Essentially if the CRTC says a tax is allowable on cable and satellite television services the service providers have said they will pass it onto their consumers.

It has come to my attention that Bell Expressvu is already charging a tv tax that shows up on your bill as 'Contribution Fee to CRTC's Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF)'. What this means is the cable and satellite television providers must now pay local programming for using their signal. Despite the fact that they already charge through the nose for their programming and making a profit the cable and satellite providers are choosing to pass this cost onto the consumer. Currently those using cable or satellite television services will pay 1.5% of their programming costs in the form of LPIF.

Now if you listened to Stephen Harper's campaign promises he said 'no new taxes'. In reality he has done nothing but add new taxes for Canadians. The shady part is the taxes aren't being called taxes. Notice in this case it is being called a fund, in the case of health care it is being called user fees.  The Canadian Government put pressure on and funding the HST movement in British Columbia and Ontario and despite the no new taxes promise 17% of consumer goods and services that previously were not taxable now are taxable under the new HST.


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