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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canada's National Do Not Call Registry

In an effort to curb unsolicited telemarketing calls there is a National Do Not Call Registry set up by the CRTC.  You simply register your telephone number in the registry which is then provided to telemarketers,  clients of telemarketers and other subscribers to prevent telemarketing calls to your phone number.  In theory this sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Legitimate companies don't waste their time calling someone who doesn't want to be called and at the same time the person not wanting to be called isn't disturbed.  However, this registry has turned out to be about as flawed as it can get.  Just look at all the loop holes!

A legitimate telemarketer can buy the list as can their clients who may or may not be legitimate companies.   Anyone can create a company name, register it and buy the list.  Then there is tha 'other subscribers' which really ends up being a catch-all for who ever wants the DNCL.   The problem should be quite apparent just in this light.  Well meaning Canadian citizens who put their phone numbers, unpublished land line and cell phone numbers on the list helped to compile the list that is now available to just about anyone who wants to pester them.  All you have to do is look to sites like 800notes or Who Calls Me to see all of the complaints and frustrations many Canadians are feeling over the DNCL.

We put our home phone number on the DNCL about 18 months ago.  Within a matter of 2 weeks the number of telemarketing phone calls more than doubled!  All of a sudden telemarketing calls originating outside of Canada started happening and they continued to increase.  As of last Novemeber we were averaging 4 - 5 telemarketing calls daily.  We bought a Panasonic phone system that has onsite call blocking so we don't have to go through our phone carrier.  If a blocked number calls the house the phone registers it and sends back a busy signal.  It honestly took us a few months to get it where we were getting only the occasional telemarketer call.  In hind sight I regret ever putting our phone number on the DNCL and thank the lucky stars that I didn't put our cell phone numbers on it!

The CRTC has greatly failed Canadians with the DNCL but in many ways that is par for the course with the CRTC.  They are forgetting that anyone who signs up for telephone service is paying for it with their hard earned dollars and nowhere in the contract does it say accepting telemarketing calls or any other calls for that matter is mandatory.  In fact telemarketing calls much like spam is theft of services.  We pay for telephone services to stay in touch with those we need or want to not to have our time and money wasted by telemarketers.  Telephone service is not cheap in Canada either and yet the government agency (CRTC) who is supposed to protect Canadian citizens simply allows Canadians to bite the bullet once again!


  1. How very true! The CRTC has not managed the DNC process at all. It may as well not exist.

  2. I read here


    That the penalty for violators is 1500$ which means it's 3 times higher than in the states...

    Is that true. Can you confirm?