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- Pierre Trudeau

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Air Canada Fined for Price Fixing

Air Canada along with 10 other airlines has been fined by the European Union for price fixing and faced similar charged in Canada and the United States.  Charges were dropped against 11 other carriers and one consultancy for lack of proof they participated in the cartel.   According the European Commission those fined "co-ordinated their action on surcharges for fuel and security without discounts" between December 1999 and February 2006, when the EU's investigation stopped the cartel1.  As a result of the European Commission intervention the cartel ended in 2006.  Air Canada was fined €21 million, the equivalent of $29.1 million.  While the EU cannot lay criminal charges against these companies including Air Canada it has not been ruled out whether the individual countries will charge the companies criminally.

From this Canadian's perspective, this is indeed a black mark on Air Canada that reflects rather poorly on Canada.  We live in the information age.  Did Air Canada not think they would be caught participating in the price fixing cartel?  Obviously whoever gave the go ahead did not think of the possible outcome from a price fixing scheme.  Either that or they just didn't care!  Without a doubt the decision was one made without considering social responsibility.  Those making this type of decision to participate in a scummy, price fixing scheme should be held legally responsible in addition to the fines levied at Air Canada.  Perhaps a bit of accountability would help to prevent this type of thing from happening in futured!


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