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- Pierre Trudeau

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Breech In Air Canada Security

image courtesy of Canada Border Services Agency  (CBSA)
November 7, 2010

My gosh!  Apparently a young Asian man boarded an Air Canada plane in Hong Kong disguised as an elderly Caucasian man and actually managed to get into Canada!  The Canada Border Services Agency was tipped off because a stewardess on board the plane thought this person's hand looked too young for his age.  The individual was arrested after the flight landed in Vancouver on Oct. 29 and pictures of the man were released by Canada Border Services.  The man did claim refugee status and there is some speculation as to whether the person used a fake US passport to board the plane or had somebody else's passport or there had been inauthentic identification.

Well of course this individual supposedly entering our country under false pretenses already has a bleeding heart lawyer crying out invasion of privacy.  Apparently the person in question could also be at risk to personal harm in China which from this Canadian's perspective doesn't make a lot of sense since he is safely under lock and key in Canada awaiting legal identification.  At any rate the Canada Border Services Agency is now investigating not only the masked man himself but also how news of this leaked out to the media.  Now, given today's standard of social media and cell phones capable of taking pictures, I really do think the CBSA needs to go back to sluthing 101.  I'm pretty sure those pictures were released into cyberspace well before the man in question even got off the plane.


  1. He should have at least covered his hands or put a good disguise on it.

    Kidding aside, this is scary! airports should have at least one of the most secured places among identity thieves/con artists

  2. You're right annpod. It doesn't seem to have been a well thought out plan and I still don't see how security wouldn't have realized it was a mask if they looked closely.