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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flying a Canadian Flag is Against Homeowner's Association Rules

Brian and Linda-Lee Cassidy of Belle River, Ontario have been asked by the Cooper's Mill Retirement Community homeowners' association to take down their Canadian flag1.  According to the homeowners' association "no additions or substitutions are permitted to the exterior of homes without permission".  The Cassidys along with another resident Charles Strong refuse to take down their flags.  Residents across the street are calling the flags trailer trashy and the homeowners' association have received letters of complaint from other residents.  In the meantime the Cassidys and the homeowners' association are at a stalemate with respect to the flags.

From this Canadian's perspective this has to be one of the sadest things I have heard yet!  I am thoroughly discusted at this display on anti-patriotism.  Every Canadian citizen should have the right to properly display our national flag.  No one including a homeowners' association should have the right to prevent a Canadian citizen from properly flying our national flag.  The residents in the Cooper's Mill Retirement Community who are complaining over the Canadian flag being flown in a Canadian community ought to be very, very ashamed of themselves.  How dare they refer to flying our flag as looking trailer trashy!  Any Canadian living in Canada who has the audacity to refer to our flag as trailer trashy or complain because another Canadian shows their patriotism by flying the Canadian flag should move to another country.  Perhaps then they would quickly realize a greater appreciation what the Canadian flag stands for and of the ultimate sacrifice so many have made to ensure the rights and freedoms in our great country.  Better yet, I hope they attend tomorrow's Remberance Day services so they can get a good idea of exactly how trailer trashy our Canadian flag looks when being proudly displayed by those who have served and continue to serve our country.


  1. I agree with you. It is truly disgusting to see these examples of anti-patriotism that pop up from time to time. It's like these people have some sort of hatred for the country that has given them everything and made them what they are. The constructive thing to do is to confront them at every decent opportunity. By the way, the website of the retirement community is www.coopersmill.ca and the contact address is robmathers@sympatico.ca

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting. I appreciate the information and have passed along a link to this blog post as well as my opinion on this. I hope others do the same. I'm also tweeting about this on Twitter.

  3. Hello, I too was faced with a condo board that told me I could not fly my Canadian flag. I was sent a letter, and given a couple of days to remove the offending Canadian flag. I did not remove it as my nieghbour's flag a few feet from mine was proudly flapping in the breeze. Each row of housed in our condo community had it's own president and committe. So I could not have a flag but the other three of four condo corportations could. So not only was I mad about being told to remove the flag but to add insult to injury was the fact it was because of one person's decision. I was so mad that my husband thought it in our best interest to sell our condo and go back to a home. (I actually called our lawyer and told him the story and he agreed with my husband, said we would never win). We had a new house built and before we took in one stick of furniture, my husband affixed a flagpole and hung our beautiful "Canadian Flag" to our new home.

    It was well worth the extra $100,000.00 it cost us!!!!!