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- Pierre Trudeau

Friday, February 11, 2011

The National Do Not Call List is a Joke

Thanks to the ineptness of the CRTC, Canada's National Do Not Call List is about the biggest joke Canadian taxpayers have ever paid for.  Now here's how it works.  You give your phone number to the CRTC to be listed for no calls from telemarketers.  If telemarketers call you after you phone number is on that list you can file a complaint with the CRTC who at their discretion may fine the telemarkerter.  Well that sounds all fine and dandy doesn't it?  EXCEPT:  The CRTC sells the do not call list to telemarketers who in return sell that list as numbers to call to other telemarketers who sells it to other telemarketers.  Which ultimately means the CRTC sells out Canadian taxpayers.

Case in point, we are on the do not call list.  Telemarketing calls increased to the point I turned the answering machine off.  Recently we have been getting phone calls from 1-866-362-8165 aka a well reputed scam by Georgian Manors Resort.  Now why on earth would they be calling us when our name is on the do not call list and they were one of the reasons I put our phone number on there in the first place?  And our last call from them was at 5:48 PM EST on February 11, 2011.  Our phone number has been on the do not call list for over two years and thanks to the CRTC we still get phone calls from these scammers?  The CRTC who is supposed to protect consumer rights for telecommunications in Canada is about the biggest farce and waste of tax payer dollars there ever was!


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