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- Pierre Trudeau

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conservatives Announce Telemarketers Will Now Cover Costs of Enforcement

According to The Canadian Press (April 29, 2012), telemarketers will soon have to cover the costs of investigating their own industry.  The Conservatives have announced that all costs of probes and enforcement of the Do Not Call List will be transferred to the telemarketing industry itself.  As a result, these costs will no longer be funded by the taxpayers but rather will be funded by the telemarketer likely in the form of fees.  The CRTC will consult with the telemarketing companies regarding how the fees should be levied.  You just know the CRTC is going to mess this one up just as they have with anything else regarding telecommunications.

What I find rather interesting about this is the government is finally taking some type of action against the telemarketers.  It's nice to know our tax dollars were going towards investigating and imposing fines against the very same folk who cost us money and time by their actions BUT they don't know how much it is costing taxpayers annually.  Good gosh, don't they have bookkeepers in Ottawa?  It really is time that Canadians demand accountability and transparency from our government.  Honestly, they collect our tax dollars they owe it to tell us exactly where it is going!  Our tax dollars should not be going towards policing the telemarketing industry.  My personal feeling is as long as I am paying for the phone service of which I am charged HST on and if I wanted to us my phone service's call block feature it would cost me an additional $5 per month plus HST, I should not have to pay to get them to stop pestering me.  Unlike the 78% of Canadians on the Do Not Call List in a recent survey by Acrobat Research and Advanis, I do not feel we are getting fewer telemarketing calls either.