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- Pierre Trudeau

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Florida License Requirement for All Non-Residents - A Few Thoughts

Florida has announced that all non-Floridians must have an International Driver's Permit as mentioned in yesterday's post.  This is yet one more hassle to have to jump through considering the majority of Canadian driver's licenses are written in English.  Hello!  Don't they teach English in American schools?  So I have a few suggestions and this is coming from someone who does own property in the US, supports the US economy and who visits the US frequently:

  • US drivers - Any driver with a valid Florida license needs to have a valid IDP or they will be deigned entry into Canada.  You will not be allowed to drive in Canada, rent a car in Canada or use any driver's license that is not written in English and that's the Queen's English not American slang English.  Any other US state that decides English is not good enough on a driver's license will be required to do the same.
  • Boycott Florida - Florida is a popular tourist destination which is one reason we bought there.  This bit of nonsense has me wanting to divert our investment dollars elsewhere.  Seriously!  Canadians bring a ton of money into the Florida economy annually.  We buy property, pay taxes, visit local attractions, support local businesses AND this is how they want to repay us EVEN though our driver's license is written in English which any police office in Florida should be able to read.  Well, it is time to take our investment dollars elsewhere.  Florida, you ain't all that especially when you pull this type of nonsense.  
  • Complain -  You can write congress although it won't do much good, write your MPP or MP or simply get vocal.  Warn others against traveling to Florida or any other US state imposting the IDP on Canadian citizens with driver's licenses written in English.  Blog about it, Twitter it and Facebook it.  Get the word out.  
  • Look Elsewhere -  We are in the US often enough because we have family and friends there. We will still visit them but honestly, to a much lesser degree than we normally would.  The three months of the year we spent in Florida will now be spent elsewhere meaning our money is not going to support the Floridian economy.  Arizona is looking rather spiffy at the moment!  Or maybe we will just liquidate and buy more property in Aruba.  Both are lovely warm climates with a bit more to offer than Florida.  Maybe if more Canadians refused to be sheeple Florida would wake up to realize what they are missing - oh could that be tourists?


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