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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The CRTC and Telemarketers

The CRTC has a fairly benign policy when it comes to telemarketers.  If it is a charity or newspaper or someone you have dealt with in the past even if that past was 20 years ago, they are allowed to contact you via phone.  Now, what the CRTC doesn't get is we pay the high priced phone rates to be told we have no choice about who calls us and when.  Say what!  Let's see, it's our money that pays for the service so we just have to accept telemarketers?  Oh, the CRTC says you can add your number to the National Do Not Call List which is a joke because as soon as you do the telemarketing calls will increase.  AND, the CRTC seldom ever fines any telemarketer to begin with.  Heck they will let any telemarketer call any time on the service we pay for while we pay their salaries through taxes.  Kudos to the CRTC for winning Canada's Hall of Shame Award!

One thing to be aware of if you get service from Bell Canada, you are automatically included in their Canada 411 directory.  There is a fee to have your phone number unlisted in the physical directory but no fee to have your phone number removed from the Canada 411 directory.  I'm sure telemarketing bots frequent Canada 411 so it is in your best interest to remove your phone number from that directory.  It does help cut down on telemarketing calls.  If you are getting telemarketing calls, there are several ways of dealing with it from not answering to hanging up to call blocking.

My cell phone is pay as you go because I seldom travel without my husband any more so it is used mainly for emergency purposes.  All of a sudden, I started getting telemarketing calls on my cell phone which really irked me.  See, I've had that number for over a year but since even cell phone numbers are recycled, I was getting calls from a debt collector looking for the previous owner of that number.  But, even that is a bit bogus as the same agency keeps calling just asking for different names.  Neither debt collectors or telemarketers will remove a cell phone number when requested and guaranteed they will continue calling including several times in the same day.  The real problem especially with cell phones is these types of call cost you money directly.  I pay for X amount of minutes of which each call in or out is deducted from my minutes.  Seriously, to try and get my cell number released from a debt collector for someone I don't even know cost me $2.31 and the idiots keep calling.

This is a real concern as more folks move away from land lines to cell phone use only.  According to the CRTC, cell phone numbers will not be released to telemarketers.  Wireless providers would require the consent of the subscriber prior to including them in a directory BUT the terms of service often change so you might get a notification without realizing your cell phone number was sold to a telemarketer.  A cell phone number can be registered on the National Do Not Call List although I really advise against it as that is a sure fire way to get calls from telemarketers. 


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